Sunday, November 28, 2010

OOTD & Xmas decorations!

The turkey day is over and we are ready for the best holiday in America!
Tenshi and I went to pick up a christmas tree today.
Our apartment smells so good!
Most of the decorations are done. A lot of christmas lights everywhere☆

The "Fair Isle" or "Nordic" style is trendy this winter thanks to D&G.
I am starting to put that influence here and there in my outfits.
I love the boots tenshi bought me few winters ago.
They are from a store called "London Boots" on Melrose.

Cardigan: b.l.u.e.
Dress: Anthropologie "Lolland Sweater Dress"
Belt: Anthropologie "Gift Bow Belt"
Cami: Uniqlo
Socks: Forever 21
Boots: London Boots

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Anthropologie Boots Sale!!

Anthropologie is having a pretty big Shoe Sale!
I was against booties till the other day when I went to an Anthropologie store close to my work and saw a pair of the "Old Clem's Peep Toes".
Anthro stores around my area do not carry shoes in store so I never got to try them on till now. I guess somebody returned the booties from the internet order.
Anthro shoes are expensive even when are 50% off... but at least gives me ideas what to look for in other stores.

 Anthropologie "Old Clem's Peep Toes"
$168 → $89.95

 Anthropologie "Over The Moon Booties"
$198 → $99.95

 Anthropologie "Brass & Band Booties"
$198 → $99.95 

$298 → $149.95 

 Anthropologie "Fall Frolic Booties"
$298 → $149.95 

 Anthropologie "Berry-Stitched Boots"
$258 → $129.95

 Anthropologie "Bucolic Fields Boots"
$268 → $139.95

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Recent Purchase: Anthropologie "Headwaters Tee" & "Made To Measure Skirt"

I love Anthropologie sale! Things on my wishlist are going on sale two weeks in a row. No more shopping for me this month!!

The "Made To Measure Skirt" is beautiful. The asymmetrical design reminds me of some of the Vivienne Westwood skirts.
It was instantly sold out online as soon as it went on sale but many stores still have some more in stock.

Anthropologie "Headwaters Tee"
$58 → $29.95
Anthropologie "Made To Measure Skirt"
 $138 → $ 69.95
(Available in store only)

OOTD: New VW Pirate boots!

This outfit is from last Wednesday.
I have been lazy about the "Tie Wednesday" at work but I bought a tie shaped necklace when I was in Harajuku few weeks ago, so I think this counts   ;P
Paris Kids Harajuku is an accessary store in Takeshita street that almost everything in the store is 315 yen. I check out the store everytime I go to Harajuku.

Hat: from Japan
Cardigan: Anthropologie "Pretty Sporty Cardigan"
Leggings: Uniqlo Heat Tech "Snow" (buy it here)
Boots" Vivienne Westwood "Pirate Boots"(buy it here)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Recent Purchase: Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boots !!

Wishes do come true...

As you can tell by now, I have a long wishlist for Anthropologie.
I also have a wishlist for Vivienne Westwood, but this list is more like a life time dream list.
There are two items on the VW wishlist, and Pirates boots is one of them.
I have been wanting the boots pretty much since I started being interested in VW 15 years ago.

I don't check craigslist that often any more but I was just bored few nights ago and went to the site and typed "Vivienne"... and the posting for the Pirate boots popped up.

Pirates boots costs £345 which is a little over $500.
Most likely close to $600 after shipping to the US.
The same boots costs about $1200 in Japan.
And I bought these pair from a girl who bought these boots in London but the size was too small for her.
Since she wore them twice already, she asked for $150 only!

My tenshi happened to work in the area this girl lives, so he picked up the pair for me today.


Vivienne Westwood Pirates Boots
£ 345 → $150 !

Kate Moss

Sienna Miller

They use the natural leather for the buckle area, which changes colors towards more brown over the years.
It's like the leather they use for some of the Louis Vuitton purses.
So my boots would look more like Sienna's in few years.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Belated birthday present from tenshi

My tenshi took me to Anthropologie on my birthday to buy me a gift, but as you know me, I only want to buy things on sale from Anthropologie.
So I asked him to wait till when my wishlist items go on sale...
And finally the day has come!



unknown name necklace
(not sold online)

This necklace look very similar to the Pessinus Garden Necklace
I bought while ago...
Actually this necklace uses the exact same parts the other one.
Must be made by the same company.

☆ Thank you, tenshi! ☆

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wishlist: Anthropologie "Karelia Coat"

Such a beautiful coat!
I tried it on today and it fits amazingly.
I just wished that the fur would come off... oh well.

Just need to wait for the sale or the 2nd cut or 3rd cut  :P

Anthropologie "Karelia Coat"
by Elevenses

Monday, November 1, 2010

Death Jam Rapstar!

There was a themed costume contest at work this year. My department's theme was "Death Jam Rapstar" because we just finished up a game called "Def Jam Rapstar". I have no idea how to dress up as a Rapstar... So many people tried to help me and gave me advice.
At 7pm after work, I rushed into the Forever21 store and told the store staff that I have to look like either a rapper or a girlfriend of a rapper. She laughed a little and helped me from head to toe till the store closed. The only things I did not purchase were my boots.

Here is the damage:










I am actually not sure if this is the same top I got. My top is slightly dark green. There are a few things that are wearble for "non-halloween" occasions. Especially the vest is very cute and confortable. The store staff who helped me said she is going to buy the vest as well.