Monday, May 31, 2010

Wishlist: Anthropologie "Lithographic Necklace"

Lately I am looking at metalic flower motif necklaces.
I really like this one from Anthropologie a lot.
I think I saw a very similar one at the Free People store the other day, but I cannot find it online.


I found a very similar piece in the U.O website.
I wonder which one is better...


Recent Purchase (Tokyo): As Know As "Round Ruffle Shirt"

3045 yen



My friend Kamaal, who came to Japan with me, bought the gray version of the dress below. She looks very cute in it!

Recent Purchase (Tokyo): Swimmer "Short Cake Lunch Box"

Swimmer Short Cake Lunch Box
995 yen
(No longer available online)

Swimmer is this very cute store filled with girly accessaries, clothing, kitchenware and stationaries.
There are several locations in Tokyo and I always find too many things I want to buy there.
My friend Kamaal came to Japan with me the first week and we bought these matching lunch boxes. (It is so much fun to eat lunch together at work with the matching lunch boxes!!)
This is one of the best things I bought while I was in Japan this time.

Wishlist: Anthropologie "Rock Slide Skirt"

Anthropologie "Rock Slide Skirt"
by Odille

I liked the asymmetric design of this skirt's ruffles when I saw it online.
I tried it on yesterday and this skirt fits very nicely, plus the length is perfect.
I just have to wait till this piece goes on sale...

Recent Purchase: Anthropologie "Bindwood Blouse"

Since I did a lot of shopping in Japan, I told myself to stay away from my favorite store Anthropologie.

Since it is a Memorial Day weekend, I figured I can check the good sales there... and this is what I found.

Anthropologie "Bindwood Blouse"
by Savoy
$98 → $49.95

To be honest, I am still deciding if I should keep it or return it. The color is beautiful and it fits nicely (Run a bit big. I got size 2 even though I usually get size 4). I can wear it with my long hippie skirts... but I canot think about any other ways to wear it. humm...

Tie Wednesday is back, so as my blog!!

I was away from this country for 5 weeks visiting my family in Japan and doing A LOT of shopping!

It is nice to be back home with my family on this side of the world and back to work.

I will start posting all the great things I bought in Tokyo (and Seoul Korea!) but it may take a while to post all of them ... :P