Sunday, March 28, 2010

Favorite Designer ②: gouk (from Japan)

Since I was in Japan, I liked Asian inspired fashion. But especially since I came here to the US, I started to like more of those Japanese brands that were inspired by traditional Japanese (mostly Kimono) fashion.

gouk is created by the designer Mr. Kunitomo, who also has a gothic line "T-Kunitomo"
A lot of their designs are inspired by kimono fabrics or Japanese retro styles.
There are a few stores throughout Japan but their Harajuku store is my favorite. Whenever I go to the store, I feel like I've time-traveled into 1940's Japan.

17850 yen

3990 yen

17640 yen

18690 yen

18690 yen

19950 yen

19740 yen

My Collection

Wishlist: Urban Outfitters summer outfits!

Urban Outfitters "Ecote Scarf Dress"

Urban Renewal "Chiffon Dot Ruffle Blouse"


Silence and Noise "Art Deco Sequin Tank"

Recent Purchase: Vintage Pyrex, Fire King and more!

It's good to wake up early sometimes.

I have not been able to sleep too well lately so I woke up pretty early this morning.
I went to the Antique Market and arrived there a little before they officially opened.
And... found all of those treasures!

(From left)
Fire King: Jadite D-Handle Mugs
Vintage Pyrex: Butterfly Gold Cinderella Casserole Dishes
Fire King: White Swirl Mixing Bowl (M)
Termocrisa:  Grape print Mug
Fire King: Blue Heaven Mugs

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Silent Hill Shattered Memories" in stores TODAY (in Japan)

Best game in the world!
Don't ask, just play!!

"Silent Hill Shattered Memories" has been out in the US and Europe for a few weeks now.
This title was just released in Japan TODAY, on May 25th, for Wii, PS2 and PSP.
If you own a Wii, I would recommend the Wii game.
If you own a PS2 and live close to my house, come borrow my copy   ;)

Happy Tie Wednesday!

My friend Kamaal got me this pretty lace tie a few weeks ago.
The texture and the color of this tie are perfect with my Anthropologie skirt.
Thanks, Kamaal!

Top: Express
Skirt: Anthropologie "Lacemaker Skirt" by Odille
Boots: Heather
Tie: Gift from Kamaal

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Recent Purchase: 2010 Nissan Cube

As I mentioned in the blog while ago, my little 92 Nissan Sentra finally died.
That was my first and only car and I was very sad.
But now it's time to move on!
I have NEVER owned a new and reliable car. This was definitely a big step for both me and my tenshi.
I was not sure if I should put this one on my blog... but this is such a stylish, fashionable and asymmetrical (I love asymmetry!) car so I figured it will match my fashion blog just fine!
It is a pretty small car but the inside is very roomy.
2010 Nissan CUBE
"Bitter Chocolate"

Sale! Anthropologie Eva Franco Skirts - Now even cheaper!

My inspiration for starting this blog was this one little skirt by Eva Franco.
I saw her Cafe Creme Skirt in Anthropologie and fell in love... but it was a bit too much for my budget.
As soon as it went on sale (50% off), I ordered it online and this piece has been one of my favorites since then.

Since these skirts are asymmetrical designs, they are not for everybody. I am not sure if that is the reason, but those skirts were left in the SALE section of Anthropologie stores for a long time.

And guess what... I went to one of the stores today and noticed that those skirts are now even more discounted! (sold out online)

Anthropologie "Cafe Creme Skirt"
by Eva Franco
$158 → $79.95$29.99!

 Anthropologie "Fluttering Pencil Skirt"
by Eva Franco
$158 → $79.95$29.99!

☆GIFT☆ Blowfish Humvee Boots

Blowfish "Humvee" Boots

Since my friend showed me a photo of these boots in early fall, I have been looking for this pair.
They come in gray, black and ivory but I think these gray ones are the cutest!
My tenshi bought me this pair for White Day.*
Thank you, tenshi!

*White Day
White Day is a day celebrated in Japan on March 14, one month after Valentine's Day. It is also observed in South Korea, Taiwan and China.
In Japan, Valentine's Day is observed by females who present chocolate, usually to a male. On White Day, the converse happens: males who received chocolate on Valentine's Day are expected to return the favor by giving gifts. Traditionally, popular White Day gifts are cookies, jewellery, white chocolate, white lingerie and marshmallows.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day & Tie Wednesday!

Green Tie for the St. Patric's Day!

Skirt:Vivienne Westwood (Anglomania)
Tie: Vintage from Scotland

Recent Purchase: Liberty of London for TARGET

Liberty of London for TARGET is a huge collection!
When you go inside of TARGET, you just need to check out all the sections with huge butterflies on the ceiling. The signs are all in pink.
I checked out some of the kitchenware and they were cute, but they were mostly similar to the Orla Kiely for TARGET collection so I did not buy any kitchenware. The tea pot looks very nice but they have been sold out at all the TARGETs in my area...
If you would like to add some flowers to your kitchen, I would also recommend the bowl set.

Here are the things I got from this awsome collection.

Liberty of London for TARGET
 "GlenJade Navy" Silk Tie
(Great for Tie Wednesday!)

Liberty of London for TARGET
"Yellow Dunclare Print" Sateen Shift Dress
(Never tried this shape before but actually pretty nice)

Liberty of London for TARGET Stationaries

Stationary Gift Set   $9.99
Binder and Notebook Set   $9.99
Card Set   $6.99

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another successful Tie Wednesday!

Shirt: Express
Tie: Topshop

Note about JPG for TARGET:
I was very excited about the JPG for TARGET.
Last Sunday, instead of sleeping in, I woke up early so I could be at TARGET when they opened. The store close to my home did not have any JPG items, so I quickly drove to two different stores in the area.
I must say, it was disappointing to see the actual items.
The only items that reminded me of JPG were the tatoo print ones, which are not my style.
I just need to wait for this coming Sunday for Liberty of London for TARGET!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fashion DVD: The September Issue

I have been waiting for this Film to be released on DVD since I found out that the story of the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" was based on the famous Vogue editor-in-chief  Anna Wintour.
This film is not only about Anna Wintour but you also get to see a lot of famous designers and behind the scenes of Vogue photo shoots.
I really liked the beautiful and dreamy art created by the Creative Director Grace Coddington.

Here are some more fashion related documentaries that I recommend:

Recent Purchase: Vintage Pyrex Butterprint Cinderella Nesting Bowl Set (Orange)

People who have been to my house know that I only own a few pieces of regular dishes.
Most of my dishes are vintage milk glass which were made from 40s to the 70s.
I discovered my first milk glass cup (which was Vintage Pyrex Oldtown print) in Feb. 2008 and quickly fell in love.
Since then, I have been collecting them little by little.
There are many companies who made this kind of kitchenware including: Fire King, Pyrex, Hazel Atlas, Federal, Glasbake and so on.
They are very popular in Japan.
People in Japan pay a crazy amount of money like $500 for a Fire King Snoopy Mug !!!

Vintage Pyrex Butter Print Cinderella NestingBowl

It is hard to find complete sets of bowls in this mint condition.
Plus the blue color for Butter Print is pretty common but this orange is very rare.
I saw the exact same set of bowls at one of the Japanese online stores and the price was over $200!

My Collection

This is only part of my collection.
I used to buy different colored ones but nowadays I mostly stick with white based ones.

News: Liberty of London for TARGET nex week!

"Liberty of London" is one of my favorite
department stores in London.
They are famous for the flower prints.
They also carry top London designers like
Vivienne Westwood, Orla Kiely, and Paul Smith.

"Liberty of London" will have apparel and accessories for women, men, and children, plus decor, garden and storage/organization for the home at TARGET on March 14th(Sun) !
I know I am going to TARGET for JPG tomorrow...
but I have to make sure to go back next Sunday also!

You can see the Liberty of London commercial for TARGET here.
Liberty of London page for is here.

Wishlist: Anthropologie March 2010 Catalog

Anthropologie "Endless Chevrons Dress"
by Anna Sui

Anthropologie "Drifting By Dress"
by Burlapp

Anthropologie "Silk Obi Blouse"
by Leifsdottier

Anthropologie "Gleaming Shoots Blouse"
by Girls from Savoy

Anthropologie "Florishing Tank"
by Deletta

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tie Wednesday!

I work for a company which is a pretty relaxed environment so people dress casually, like T-shirts and Jeans.
One day, some guys decided to dress more professionally with suits and ties.
My friend and I said "Hey, girls can wear ties too!"
Then we decided.... Tie Wednesday!
We wear ties every Wednesday.
It is pretty challenging because sometimes it does not look fashionable enough... or I just look like a school girl... :(
It is fun to have a bit of a fashion challenge every week and coordinate the wardrobe for Tie Wednesday the night before.

"Happy Tie Wednesday!"

Jacket : Forever 21
Shirt: Express
Pants: Gouk
Boots: unknown
Tie: Vintage