Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cheap options from Forever 21 for pregnant ladies

As I mentioned before, I am 5 months pregnant with everyday growing tummy and I am (so far) successfully not buying any maternity clothes.
I went to Crossroads Trading and Wasteland to sell about 40 of my clothes that I know that I will never wear once I have my baby.
Now my closet is like 1/4 of what it used to be... I needed a little more choices.

My rule for buying regular clothes for maternity me is:

1. A line dresses
2. Flowy tops (Chiffon is great)
3. Skirts with elastic waists

Here are the two items I have bought from Forever 21 recently and they are great!
I think I can wear them for next few months.



Here are some more options:

Forever 21 "Abstract Kaftan Dress"





Forever 21 "Lace Bib Top"





Vivienne Westwood Sale up to 40% off at Hervia!

London based online webshop Hervia is having a semi-annual Vivienne Westwood Sale right now.
The pretty cool thing about this site is that it is tax free for all the customers outside of EU... and you know how crazy the tax is over there.
So, even though you may end up paying $20 for shipping, you get about an additional 15% off the sale price. Plus they are still having free worldwide shipping for order over 150 pounds (which usually does not happen during sale time)

I have been trying not to shop too much for the last few months to be ready for a lot of baby shopping, but I could not resist this one piece of necklace.
I have been keeping my eyes on it since it first came out for SS 2011. It is like the basic orb necklace, but has a lot of tiny pearls on it.
I have been doing a lot of over-time at work lately... so I think it is ok to treat myself :P

$121.44 →  $85.01 →  $70.84 (tax free)

The Vivienne Westwood Pearly Queen mini bas pendant features the iconic Westwood orb hanging from a fine silver chain. The orb itself is studded with many small white pearls.

Below are some of my other picks (wishlist...)

 $113.34 → $79.34 → $66.11 (tax free)

$161.92 → $113.34 → $94.45 (tax free)

 Vivienne Westwood "Pave 3D Orb Ivory Pendant"
$250.98 → $175.68 → $146.41 (tax free)

$218.59 → $131.16→ $109.30 (tax free)

 $451.76 → $271.05→ $225.88 (tax free)

 Vivienne Westwood "Exhibition 1460 Wellingtons"
$208.88→ $146.21→$121.84 (tax free)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anthropologie Sale: Take an additional 25% off all the sale clothing continues...

It has been a while since I last updated my blog.
Thank you very much for all of you who kept checking back.
There has been a big life changing experience since then.

I am pregnant :)

The first few months were tough with the morning sickness... not being able to eat anything, go anywhere, do anything...

Now I am at the point where I want to eat everything and I have so much energy.

My only problem is... my tummy is expanding so much now and I have nothing to wear!

Luckly, Anthro has a lot of items that are very loose fitting.

Plus, there is an extra 25% off clearance item sale going on right now! Click here to check out the sale.

Here are a couple of things I purchased with the sale:

Anthropologie "Emcee Tee"
by Madigan
$78 → $39.95 → $29.96! (extra 25% off)

Anthropologie "Go Anywhere Skirt"
by Fei
$78 → $39.95 → $29.96! (extra 25% off)
(sold out online)

My goal (for now) is trying not to wear "matanity cloths" and try to stick with my collection of boho/hippie dresses, loose fitted tops and skirts.
Here are some other possibilities for the pregnant ladies like me:

by Lil
$118 → $59.95 → $44.96! (extra 25% off)

by Bora Aksu
$98 → $49.95 → $37.46! (extra 25% off)

Anthropologie "Indirect Route Top"
by Language
$78 → $39.95 → $29.96! (extra 25% off)