Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gift for myself at Anthropologie

So my manager called me on Monday telling me I had to meet with the director in an hour.
Last time I had a meeting with her, I got temporary laid off. The time before I had a meeting with her, she told me to go to England for a business trip.
So I figured I should pack up my desk either way.
I was nervous to see her... either being out of work for few weeks again, or going somewhere far far away again...

It was neither of them.

☆  I got promoted !! ☆

To celebrate my little promotion at work, I went to Anthropologie to get myself this necklace that I have been stalking and waiting to go on sale for few weeks.
This is my first Anthropologie purchase that is not from the sale section. I feel like I am a grown up now  :)

Anthropologie "Pessinus Garden Necklace"
(sold out online)

I was deciding between the silver one and this gold one.
The gold one is pretty nice too.

I also checked out the sale section and found this pretty cardigan.

Anthropologie "Pretty Sporty Cardigan"
by Tiny
$88  → $44.95
(sold out online)