Thursday, October 7, 2010

Present for myself

I heard that Anthro card members get 15% discount card on their birthday month but I did not receive mine. So I called the customer service and they sent it to me for October  :)

The Dagmer Shirtdress was something I knew it was really for me (the wine red color and the flowers!) and I tried it on twice in the past... I just felt guilty to buy it even on sale because it is still pretty expensive.
Because of the 15% discount and thanks to my good friends from WA sending me the Anthro gift certificates, (Thank you, Brannon & Maile!), I felt less guilty to bring back this gorgeous dress home.

Those belts are something I noticed while ago... I don't really wear belts for practical reasons so they have to be fashionable.
Both red and blue colors looked good with the Dagmer Shirtdress and could not decide which one to get... so I got them both  :)

 Anthropologie "Dagmar Shirtdress"
by Maeve
$148 → $69.95 → $59.45(15% off)

Anthropologie "Gift Bow Belt"
$24 → $14.95 → $12.71 (15% off)