Monday, November 1, 2010

Death Jam Rapstar!

There was a themed costume contest at work this year. My department's theme was "Death Jam Rapstar" because we just finished up a game called "Def Jam Rapstar". I have no idea how to dress up as a Rapstar... So many people tried to help me and gave me advice.
At 7pm after work, I rushed into the Forever21 store and told the store staff that I have to look like either a rapper or a girlfriend of a rapper. She laughed a little and helped me from head to toe till the store closed. The only things I did not purchase were my boots.

Here is the damage:










I am actually not sure if this is the same top I got. My top is slightly dark green. There are a few things that are wearble for "non-halloween" occasions. Especially the vest is very cute and confortable. The store staff who helped me said she is going to buy the vest as well.