Saturday, August 13, 2011

Recent Purchase from Forever 21

I have been looking for a dress that is not too formal but something nice to wear for a nice dinner.
I am still keeping up with not buying maternity clothes but most of the clothes I wear lately are very casual.
Since it will be hard to go out for a nice dinner once the baby comes, my husband and I have been trying to go out for nice dinners once in a while.

This dress I found at Forever 21 has a vintage feeling and it has a very comfy A line cut. I can wear it till the end of my pregnancy  :)

 Forever 21 "Retro Lace Dress"
$ 24.80

There was a top from Anthropologie that I really liked.
I tried it on when it went on sale but there was something I did not like about it.
When I was at Forever 21 to purchase the above dress, I noticed this below top and I was surprised how similar this piece was to the one I liked from Anthropologie.
The price is less than half of the SALE price at Anthropologie.
So I had to bring it home.
Great with my boho maxi skirts.

$ 17.80

This is the top I saw at Anthropologie.
Very similar to the one I bought from Forever 21.
The interesting curved line makes my tummy huge!
Anthropologie "Alma Top"
$ 78 → $ 39.95