Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Introducing... cutest etsy store by HirokoDT !!

My very very talented friend Hiroko recently opened a super adorable etsy store!
I have been admiring her talent for a while now and I always thought it would be a great idea for her to open her own store.

I could not wait to shop at her store ... so as soon as it opened , I have already made a few purchases!

① Needle Felted Necklace
 "As You Like"
This is just the cutest thing!
Plus I can add or remove the flower and the ribbon.
That means there are so many ways to wear this cutie!

② Necklace
"Pearl and Pink"
The great thing about this little beauty is the fact that I can wear it with either dress or Jeans.
I love how both large and small pearls are mixed.

③ Vintage Lace Necklace
"Raindrops from Cloud"
Isn't this pretty? 
I did not know that two totally different materials can match together so well.
I love the asymmetrical design.

Everything from her store is very affordable and super lovely!
Here are some of my favorites:
Needle Felted Necklace



 Needle Felted Brooch Pin

There are a lot lot more cute items in HirokoDT's store.
Please check out her store from here !
She also have a blog where you can see her creativity and talent.
Please click here to check out her blog.

Note for Lindsay and Katie:
If you guys see anything you like in her store, email me and let me know !!