Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Thrift Treasure: Marc Jacobs Long Skirt!

I hardly ever go to thrift stores for clothing any more, but the last time I went to Goodwill to check out some milkglass, I decided to stop at their skirt section.
And this is what I found...

Marc Jacobs Long Skirt
$??? → $4.95 !

It was one of those "ugly cute" pieces but I thought I can use it for my boho/hippie style fashion.

And then I noticed that the label says: MARC JACOBS and I wanted to scream!

Today, I was searching for the "best fashion blogs" online and I found this blog by Goodwill. You can see all the amazing pieces that you can possibly find in your local Goodwill.
The blog is called DC Goodwill Fashionista. I love the Anna Sui jacket they posted today. You should check it out!