Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A lot of 2nd Cuts / 3rd Cuts at Anthropologie Sale

Anthropologie has a sale almost every Tuesday.
Today's sale was a little different from usual...

A TON OF 2nd / 3rd CUTS!!! 

I knew there were a couple of the items on my wishlist that went on the 2nd cuts so I went to a local store clost to my work after work... could not find anything.
So I got home to picked up my tenshi to go to another store a little farther from our house.

These are what I found today. And EVERTHING fits my 7th month pregnant belly   :)

 Anthropologie "Indirect Route Top"
$78 → $39.95 → $19.95 (2nd cut)

 Anthropologie "Skewed Pullover"
 $88 → $49.95 → $29.95 (2nd cut)

Anthropologie "Standing Ovation Cardi" 
 $88 → $49.95 → $29.95 → $19.95 (3rd cut)

Anthropologie "Drifting Away Top"
$98 → $49.95 → $29.95 → $19.95 (3rd cut)

I actually ordered the Drifting Away Top online and it is backordered.
So I don't even know if I will receive it.
I have never shopped this much in one sale... but the prices were great!

I am very surprised and happy that Anthropologie has been the best "maternity wear" store for me.