Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Where's Jun-jun?" + OOTD

Remember the book "Where's Waldo?"
That is the book you have to find this guy "Waldo" in the crowded area.
Now you get to try MY version!

I came home from work last night and at one point, I was looking for my cat Jun for few minutes and I could not find him.
Finally I found him... I hope you can find him too!

So... let's start the game!

"Where is Jun-Jun?"

"Jun-Jun!! Whrere are you?!?"

"Jun-Jun, I need you on the couch with me!
I am too cold without you!!"

"OH! Here he is!!"
"Jun, you look like part of the Xmas presents..."

Last weekend, I went to Crossroads Trading to sell some of my clothes.
I go through my entire closet every few months and go sell the items that I am not wearing.
It is good not only to make some money (to spend more at Anthro lol) but also good to make some rooms in my packed closet.
Crossroads determines how much they sell the items for in store, and gives you either 35% of that as cash, or 50% of that as a credit.
I took the cash as most of the part but foud this Nordic "look" cardigan.
The cardigan is from Gap
I thought I would never own anything from Gap because they are not my style, however I really like this cardigan.
This cardigan was brand new with a tag that was for $59.99 and had a sale sticker over it for $29.99 and Crossroads was selling for $16.
I got it for FREE because of the store credit  :)

I love looking at to see all the creative handcrafts.
These two buttons are my first etsy purchase.
They are from Kiss Kiss Kiddo and there are so many cute and cheap items there!
They were $1 for two and came with a cute extra tiny button!
I put the hair ties on them so I can wear them on my hair.