Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recent Purchase: from Betsey Johnson Outlet

Today, tenshi and I were driving up north for skydiving as part of his birthday gift. As soon as we got to the area, we noticed that it was very foggy... and the skydiving company called us to cancel the jump!
We were already in that area but luckly there is a huge outlet mall close to the airport :)

I always liked Betsey Johnson's crazy designs but never owned anything... mostly because her pieces are too expensive.
This time, they had 3 full racks of $50 clothes and a sign said "buy 1 get 1 free" which means you can buythe B.J. pieces for $25 a piece!?

So here are the results:

 Betsey Johnson "Plad Wool Jumper"
$325 → $25

Betsey Johnson "Black Denim Jacket"
$275 → $25