Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vintage-inspired Aprons by Jessie Steele

I have noticed that there are always a lot of pretty aprons in the kitchen section of Anthoropologie. And most of them are from the brand called "Jessie Steele"

Jessie Steele vintage-inspired, hostess and kitchen aprons prove true the old adage that beauty and style are timeless. Influenced by the romantic visions of a bygone era, and designed in vibrant colors, flirty patterns and figure flattering shapes, these fine quality, retro-chic cooking aprons make the perfect fashion accessory in or out of the kitchen.

I saw Charlotte and her daughter Lily wearing the matching Aprons in the movie "Sex and the City 2" and they lookd adorable!


Sold Out Online

Here are some other super cute aprons by the designer:




If you want to have a matching set with your daughter...


Jessie Steele "Pink Tote Set"

 Or if you want everything to be matching...