Saturday, February 6, 2010

Price Comparison: Cute little hair accessaries.

Recently my fashion style is changing and I think I am more into the classic style.
With that, I needed some hair accessaries.
Of course, I started checking my favorite Anthropologie site... but then noticed that Forever 21 has some very similar pieces for a lot less prices...

Anthropologie "Full Bouquet Clip" $18

Forever 21 "Oversized Floral Headband" $3.80

Anthropologie "Gossamer Hair Clip" $18

Forever 21 "Jewel Flower Hair Clip" $6.80

Anthropologie "Pearly Pins" $10

Forever 21 "Princesa Bobby Pins" $4.80 (Purchased!!)
I bought these"Princesa Bobby Pins" from Forever 21 and I love them! These pearl pins are very delicate and they are cute with even casual jean styles.